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Cheek Enhancement

Rounded, smooth cheeks are one of the facial features most associated with youth but as we grow older, the loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin can all cause your cheeks to lose volume.

At The Knightsbridge Clinic, we use Juvederm® Voluma® with Lidocaine to restore the lost volume to the cheeks and chin for a gentle lifting effect. Dr Lamia Eltohamy is particularly skilled at cheek enhancement, having performed hundreds of these treatments during her 18-year career as a medical and cosmetic doctor.

What is Juvederm® Voluma® with Lidocaine?

Juvederm® Voluma® with Lidocaine is another world-leading dermal filler from Allergan that has been specifically designed for use around the cheeks, cheekbones and chin. Although Juvederm® Ultra dermal fillers are exceptional for filling facial lines and wrinkles, Juvederm® Voluma® with Lidocaine is better for areas requiring larger scale volumising.

Juvederm® Voluma® with Lidocaine adds fullness and replenishes lost volume to offer one of the most effective cheek enhancement treatments currently available.

Is cheek enhancement treatment with Juvederm® Voluma® painful?

The smooth consistency of the products in Juvederm® Voluma® allows us to administer the injections easily and smoothly. Juvederm® Voluma® contains 0.3% Lidocaine, which reduces the injection pain, offering you a comfortable treatment experience.

How long will my cheek enhancement treatment last?

Cheek enhancement using Juvederm® Voluma® has been found to last for up to 18 months, although this may vary slightly from person to person.

Are Juvederm® Voluma® volumising injections safe?

Like other Juvederm products, Juvederm® Voluma® is FDA-approved and has an excellent safety record. Immediately after your treatment, you may experience slight redness, swelling or bruising at the injection site but these effects usually resolve themselves within a week. You can cover up any bruising with make-up 12 hours after your procedure.

When you have any treatment at The Knightsbridge Clinic, you will have a consultation appointment to discuss the benefits as well as any potential risks or side effects, and we will fully explain your aftercare.

As with all cosmetic treatments of this nature, it is important to choose a skilled, experienced and qualified medical practitioner who understands how to create the best outcomes and how to resolve any potential side effects. Dr Eltohamy is a highly sought after London cosmetic doctor who achieves stunning, natural-looking cheek enhancements with her experienced approach.