Cheek enhancement: Why plumper cheeks convey youthful beauty

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There’s no getting away from it – round, smooth and plump cheeks are associated with youth, while hollow, sunken cheeks are a sure sign of age. Often referred to as ‘the triangle of youth’, we look for the widest part of the face to be at the top of the cheeks with the narrowest point being the jaw. As we grow older, the triangle begins to invert so that the widest point flips to the jaw and jowls. This is what cheek enhancement seeks to correct.

Whereas several years ago, medical cosmetic doctors would have concentrated on freezing and filling wrinkles to turn back the clock, we now take a more comprehensive approach, understanding that restoring lost volume is an essential component of rejuvenation treatments.

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Our guide to using lip fillers for lip enhancement

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If you’ve noticed your lips becoming thinner, less defined and more prone to vertical fine lines that cut into the vermillion line, then you may be wondering whether there is anything you can do to rejuvenate your smile and restore a more sensual, youthful pout.

This week, we’re putting lip fillers and lip enhancement under the spotlight by answering a few of your FAQs:

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The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic launches new packages that people are traveling from all over the world for

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The exclusive aesthetics clinic run by the world renowned cosmetic and medical practitioner, Dr Lamia Eltohamy, has become notorious in London for treating women from the GCC and VIP clients traveling from afar. Word of mouth has spread and the newly opened clinic has seen clients coming in the masses to experience the luxurious packages on offer. Dr Lamia, who has two decades of cosmetic excellence behind her including a long stint on Harley Street, is known for treating celebrities and royalty discreetly in her high-end clinic as she has experience of treating clients quickly, gaining rapid and lasting results. At the clinic you can undergo treatments that are only available there hence clients have been flying in from all over, particularly the GCC region, to visit Dr Lamia.

To start, Dr Lamia offers women treatments exclusively; the ‘Mother’ package, for example, offers women a new treatment known as PRP. PRP is for vaginal atrophy and is designed to repair, help stress incontinence and enhance the area, particularly for stress or damage from childbirth. As this is the only centre in Europe and most of the Middle East to offer the treatment, women are flying in from all over the world to Dr Lamia’s Knightsbridge based clinic. Also included in the post-pregnancy package is Elixis skin tightening to reduce sagging of the labial area, and also the abdominal skin damaged from stretching. Coolsculpting freezes fat and any excess weight gained by the mother, followed by a skincare clinic to restore hormonally damaged and tired skin. To finish, a hair treatment is incorporated to restore any hair damage or loss; a popular treatment experienced by celebrities in the clinic. All of this is easily achieved in a very short space of time, allowing women to fly in and experience the package, while enjoying a few days of shopping in London’s affluent area. Women return home completely rejuvenated and feeling more confident, all over.

The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic, branded in the press as “the new hotspot in London”, has also introduced a VIP package aimed at individuals who are exhausted and in need of rejuvenating and a detox, perhaps from a busy home life, or from working long hours. The VIP package starts, as all of Dr Lamia’s treatments do, with a free consultation to learn about you. After discussing your lifestyle and learning about your physical areas of concern, the clients are then treated in a tranquil environment to a complementary caviar facial, which no matter what package you select, you will receive this kind and luxurious gesture each time. Following this, you will experience the latest in high end cosmetic technology at the clinic, with Coolsculpting fat freezing being performed using the FDA approved machine, Zeltiq. The Exilis is then carried out to tighten the skin afterwards, followed by a facial treatment to hide tiredness, dehydration and stress. Dr Lamia then provides a diet programme; a bespoke guide to improve your lifestyle with a few tips given to help you make healthier choices. Each consultation is personalised to suit your day, and Dr Lamia always follows up with her clients, no matter what your schedule or your location is around the world!

‘Less is more’ when it comes to wrinkle reduction injections

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If you’re considering wrinkle reduction injections with Botox®, you may have questions about how they work and whether your face will drastically change after your treatment.

As you may be aware, Botox® is a leading brand of Botulinum Toxin Type A, although people often refer to ‘Botox’ as a generic description for wrinkle reduction injections, which it isn’t. Botulinum Toxin Type A is a purified protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum Bacterium, which we can inject into targeted muscles to relax them and prevent them from contracting. It’s the repeated contraction of your facial muscles that causes fine expressive lines to form on your face over time (rather like repeatedly folding a piece of paper in the same place).

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The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic – Voted as the new London “hotspot” for cosmetics

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In the last few weeks, media from afar have been picking up on the popularity of the clinic. The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic has launched with tremendous success, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Dr Lamia Eltohamy.

Dr Lamia, has nearly two decades of cosmetic and medical excellence behind her, treating celebrities and royalty around the world, and now the word is spreading. In just the last week QMIN Magazine, and Middle East magazine, Khaleej Madame, have all been talking about our clinic.

The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic2

We have been noted for offering the latest and most advanced technology in the magazine features; recently introducing the new Elixir at The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic.

The Elixir is designed to target areas of the human body are more prone to slightly sagging or looser skin than others, and genetics, age and lifestyle factors all play their part too. If you would like your skin to be softer or tighter, there are some excellent non-invasive treatments for the face and body and as we only use the most advanced technology in our luxury setting at the clinic, it makes for the perfect experience. Being results driven and providing treatments that are designed to be pain-free and instant, and also personalised to the clients specific needs, is what has been noted by many. With one magazine commenting that you will feel “healthier and more confident” after you visit our Central London based MedSpa.

Khaleej Madame

Book yourself in for your free consultation with Dr Lamia to discuss your face and body concerns +44 709003451


How to become an improved you with Dr Lamia from The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic

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When I trained as a doctor, I always maintained that I wanted to be personable and to ensure each patient knew I truly cared about their health and wellbeing. For the last 18 years I have treated people from all over the world, helping people with all manner of medical and cosmetic concerns.

During the summer months, I experience a lot of people coming from the Middle East looking for consultations to discuss skincare, weight loss, and facial enhancing treatments. While in London, whether over from the boiling climates of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Dubai, or from cooler parts outside of the Gulf, people share concerns about sun damage, tiredness, dehydrated skin or dryness from harsh sandstorms, or perhaps age spots, wrinkles, weight gain and cellulite problems. I have developed easy and extremely effective treatments so my clients can return home looking refreshed; they visibly look better and healthier.

Now, how to become an improved you…

body image

I devised a programme that can be tailored to you; your skin type, your weight, your age, your wants and needs. I offer a consultation with you first, we then create a plan to improve or enhance any area of your face or body that you wish to change or develop. After your treatments are finished I offer an aftercare programme and we can communicate once you return home to ensure you experience long lasting results.

At The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic you will experience an intimate and private environment, where you can indulge in the latest products during treatments for Botox, dermal fillers, and lip and cheek enhancers. We also hold the most advanced technology to sculpt your body and freeze fat. Please look at my treatment menu and contact me via our homepage for an immediate complimentary consultation.

Best Regards

Dr Lamia Eltohamy of The Knightsbridge Cosmetic Clinic



Our new website is now live!

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We are very excited to launch the new look and feel of our website. The fresh, easy to navigate new design will give both our new and existing patients a better insight into the services we offer.

We are particularly excited to highlight some of our recent patient reviews, and would like to take this opportunity to thank the patients who have been kind enough to provide their testimonials. We will be updating the news section of the website regularly with the latest stories, views and advice so please check back often.

We hope you will take this opportunity to have a look around the new website. We would love to hear what you think about it.